This past Academic year (2015-16) I was honored to have the opportunity to study under Almita and Roland Vamos as the Sage Foundation Fellow at the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) Academy.  The MIC Academy is a prestigious pre-conservatory located in Evanston, Illinois.  You can read about my amazing year in Chicago here.

My goal is to return to the MIC Academy for the 2016-17 Academic year.  In order to be able to return to Chicago, I am embarking on my largest fundraising endeavor.  MIC tuition, violin technique lessons, room & board, travel, and related expenses all total $21,755

You can help in the following ways:

1. Become a Sponsor

I am seeking out grants, scholarships, and major donors or sponsors. If you have a passion for classical music and a passion for helping aspiring young musicians, I am asking that you consider sponsoring me. Sponsors have ranged from individuals making a single large gift to those who commit to smaller monthly gifts, If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have any recommendations or suggestions that can help me in my efforts, please contact me by email at

2. Spread the word

3. Consider Supporting other Your Musicians

Do you know a young musician in your family or neighborhood or community?  Becoming a professional classical musician is a tough road which requires much determination, many thousands of hours of practice, AND many thousands of dollars in order to get a high level music education.  Do you enjoy classical music?  Find a young musician to support!