Investing in Classical Music

Mission: My name is Byron Fulop Laing and I am a violin student with the goal of becoming a world-­class soloist and chamber musician. I love the art of expressing classical music, and I believe it has the power to change the world. It helps us find our inner nobility.  It gets us in touch with something greater than ourselves.  It encourages and uplifts people, and brings peace and joy into peoples hearts and lives.  It instills a sense of community and belonging in us with our fellow members of humanity.  Finally, it inspires people to use their own talents and gifts to make the world a better place.  Classical music is truly a universal language; a way of building bridges between people.  It is about caring for each other and holding each other up.  My mission is strongly rooted in these beliefs, and this is why I want to spend my life sharing the beauty of music.

Conservatory: Training for admittance to music conservatory is arduous, especially for those who began violin  studies at a late age (i.e. 10), and requires much determination, many, many thousands of hours of practice, AND (I am learning) many thousands of dollars in order to get the right kind of music education. For the past 7 years I have been busking to help pay for my music education. (Hear my interview with All Classical Radio from three years ago). Busking, as I define it, is the art of performing in public places as a gift to the community. Gifts are often returned. The generosity of the community over the years has enabled me to study with Paul Kantor in Houston, and spend 3 summers studying  at Meadowmount School of Music in NY.

Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) Academy: This past Academic year (2015-16) I was honored to have the opportunity to study under Almita and Roland Vamos as the Sage Foundation Fellow at the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) Academy. The MIC Academy is a prestigious pre-conservatory located in Evanston, Illinois.  You can read about my amazing experience in Chicago here.  My goal is to enter conservatory on a full scholarship, and the MIC Academy is helping me reach this goal. I will be attending the MIC Academy for one more year (2016-17), and I will be applying for Conservatory this fall.

I am beginning a major fundraising campaign to raise $21,755 for next year at the MIC Academy.  This includes tuition, room & board, technique lessons, travel, and related expenses.  This summer I will raise funds through busking, scholarships, and other donations.

If you can offer support, please make a donation today. For more information about how you can help click here.

Over the years, I have also had sponsors who have provided larger gifts that have made my larger goals possible.  If you have questions or if you want to learn about ways you can sponsor me, my email address is

Also know that 10% of the gifts I receive are donated to local organizations serving the Homeless & Hungry, and those fostering peace, and the Arts.  I do this by organizing an annual concert to benefit Portland organizations serving the homeless.  Stay tuned for the 4th Annual Concert to Benefit the Homeless to be held around Thanksgiving weekend in Portland, Oregon.