I was invited to busk on Saturday, 3/9 at the Portland Women’s Expo at the Oregon Convention Center.  Normally I do not busk on Saturdays.  However, when I read about Portland Women’s Expo I realized that they have the same mission of ending homelessness as I do.  They are building a resource and training center for homeless women and children.  Every year I donate 10% of what I earn to local nonprofits (see how gifts are used page).  I decided to use this as a donation opportunity to give back to the Portland Women’s Expo.

10,000 people came through during the 2 1/2 hours that I was busking outside the entrance.  This was a great experience for me because I got to practice performing lots of repertoire in a row, from the Bach to Tchaikovsky Concertos.  When the doors first opened, everyone was so exited to get inside, not many people stopped to listen to my playing.  So I didn’t raise as much money as I was hoping for charity.  But thats okay, it was a great experience.  They also invited me to give a 10 minute performance on the stage in Exhibit Hall C.  Since the event involves a great deal of interaction and conversation among the many people, exhibits, and booths, I’ll know for next time that my violin should have a microphone.  It was extremely loud in the room, so the only people who could here me were those who were very close to the stage.  Overall this was a wonderful opportunity and I thank Portland Women’s Expo for inviting me!

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