Recently, I have been accepted to study with Almita Vamos at the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) Academy Program beginning in September 2015.  The MIC Academy Program is a prestigious pre-conservatory located near Evanston, Illinois.  In addition to participating in the MIC Academy Program, I will complete my senior year of high school as a homeschool student.  My long term goal is to enter conservatory on a full scholarship and I believe that the MIC Academy Program will help me achieve this goal.

The financial goal to attend MIC is my biggest challenge yet.  I am raising 25% of my funds through busking (street performing) and am doing a lot of personal fundraising. I have also received generous scholarships from MIC, the Mary Tooze Memorial Fund, and other donations and have already raised 52% of my total $20,360 goal!  That said, I still have to raise $9,760 to cover my remaining tuition, room and board, and related expenses for the MIC Academy Program.  I know I can meet this challenge because I believe in the community that supports me. I have set up this this online site and ask you to consider making a donation to help me achieve my goal of attending the MIC Academy Program.

Training for admittance to music conservatory is arduous, especially for those who began violin studies late.   It requires much determination, many, many thousands of hours of practice, AND (I am learning) many thousands of dollars in order to get the right kind of music education. For the past 6 years I have been busking to help pay for my music education.  Busking, as I define it, is the art of performing in public places as a gift to the community.  Gifts are often returned.  Over the years I have received much from the community.  In addition to my studies here in Portland with Kathryn Gray, I have studied part-time with Paul Kantor in Houston, and have spent the last 3 summers studying at the Meadowmount School of Music in NY.

I want to thank you for your support, your donations, and for telling others about this fundraiser. Your support will help me meet my goals.

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